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Autumn 2018 Scents!

Hello Everyone!

Below is the list of the scents that I will be making this Autumn:

Apple Crisp,

Blackberry Sage,

Cinnamon Roll,

Crackling Firewood,

Cuppa Joe,

Hot Cocoa,

Pumpkin Pie,

Spiced Cranberry,

and Vanilla Bean,

These will be ready for shipment on the 22nd, but you can pre-order now. If you would like to purchase candles in my year-round scents that is totaly fine, these are just my primary scents.

A big thank you to all those of you who gave me your ideas, I really appreciate it!

Have a blessed day!


By the way, the 1,000th candle is getting closer with every order!



Hi, I'm Faith! I adore horses, writing, running my candle business, and serving my Savior!

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