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Open for Ideas!


Is there anything about Country Cowboy Candles that you would like to be different? Anything to do with the website, the candles, Cowboy melts, customer service, or anything else? I’m looking for ideas to make Country Cowboy Candles just a little better.

Please comment below with a description of what you would like to change. If you agree with someone else’s comment, just click on the “like” icon by the comment.

Thank you for your ideas and have a blessed day!


Candle picture

Disclaimer: I may not do exactly what you propose, I am merely looking for suggestions.


Hi, I'm Faith! I enjoy many things but most importantly I absolutely love serving my Saviour!

7 thoughts on “Open for Ideas!

      1. Thank you, Elijah!
        God has been blessing our English school with the students He gives us!
        God has also blessed me with new Christian key-pal friends!
        I really like your guest post on The Domain For Truth!
        I wish you a blessed 16th year and a good day!

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        1. Thanks! 🙂 It’s a word that I learned from Dad! My new key-pals refer to the friends on Mr. Lee Duigon’s and others’ blogs, including you! I’m very glad that started commenting on Lee Duigon’s blog (My very first comment on any blog is my “cast” on the “Cast The Bell Mountain Movie Contest”), otherwise my blog wouldn’t ever have existed. Have a great day! – Joshua


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