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Winter Sale!


We are having a winter sale this week!

20% off all orders under $100, (before shipping)!

Free shipping on all orders over $100!

The sale ends this Saturday at midnight, so make sure to place your order before then. All you have to do to place an order is figure out what you want to order (Sizes/Prices, Scent Collection) and email or call me with those details.

Thank you very much for your orders!


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Hi, I'm Faith! I enjoy many things but most importantly I absolutely love serving my Saviour!

11 thoughts on “Winter Sale!

    1. Thank you Joshua!
      Unfortunately I won’t be able to post a Mystery Blogger post on my blog (because my website’s only for business), but thank you anyway!
      On a different subject: I was wondering, what types of movies do you watch?

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        1. I like Christian/adventure movies, for example: Beyond the Mask or The Redemption of Henry Meyers. I also like a dose of comedy, like The Screenwriters. My siblings and I are trying out filmmaking, and we are hoping to put our first feature film out in early November this year. Have you ever tried to make movies with your siblings?

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        2. Wow! That’s great that you and your siblings are planning to make movies! My 14-year-old brother Jeremy (almost 15) likes to make stop-motion videos using Legos, paper, etc. He says that he takes about 2,000 photos for a 5-minute video. He and I used to make short movies using the toys that we had that included stuffed animals. Speaking of videos, Jeremy and I have YouTube videos, in which we play some songs on our guitar and ukulele. Please check them out! (Check out: “J & J – El Condor Pasa” on YouTube!) Sorry for the late response. Today was a busy school day.

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