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Happy Reformation Day!

Hi All!

Tomorrow is NOVEMBER, can you believe it? And today is Reformation Day! So… happy Reformation Day! In honor of what Martin Luther did that day about 505 years ago, I’m having a sale on SHIPPING!

USE THIS PROMO CODE to receive 20% off Shipping: OctSHIPPINGsale2022

Copy this promo code and put it in the ‘Any Additional Information’ section when you place your order here.

Promo Code Invalid November 6th

I pray you all have a fantastic day!!



Hi, I'm Faith! I adore horses, writing, running my candle business, and serving my Savior!

4 thoughts on “Happy Reformation Day!

    1. Great question! The cowboy melts aren’t in jars but plastic pop out containers. (3” x 3.5” x 1”) And, just so you know, theres a certain ‘wax cube warmer’ you need to use them. (Look that term up and you’ll see what I mean 😉)

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