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Happy Fall!🍂

Oh, I love Fall! Not only because of it’s gift of awesome smells and scenes, but also because of the seasonal candle scents it offers.

Click here to see our scent collection and I’m sure you’ll find one of your favorite cozy Autumn smells among them. Apple crisp? Pumpkin Pie? Or maybe you prefer a fresh-baked, just out of the oven steaming hot cinnamon roll. I love em’ all!

Hope God’s blessing you with an amazing Autumn!


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Candle Season is almost HERE!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all are having an awesome Summer and enjoying the sunshine! Starting September 1st, Country Cowboy Candles ended it’s vacation and started excepting orders and fulfilling them once more.

Make sure to get your orders in…Autumn’s candle season is almost upon us!

Have a blessed rest of your day


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Hi Everyone!!


Looking ahead at a very busy summer coming up, I’ve decided to temporarily put Country Cowboy Candles on vacation until mid August.

I’ll start making candles in September, but you can TOTALLY send me your autumn orders earlier on in August. I’ll be expecting to very busy making candles in the fall.

Thanks you guys for all your support! It’s greatly appreciated.

Yours, Faith

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Meanwhile, Snow Falls

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day!

Here in Hayden, snow covers the ground and sparkles at twilight. What a wonderful way to end a day! But better yet, why not end it feeling like you’re in an amazingly-good smelling bakery? With the scents of Hot, Cocoa, Spiced Cranberry, Apple Crisp, and more, you can make that possible. And I can make that easier for you, or rather you make it easier for yourself by taking advantage of this deal!

The Next 8 People Who Order Within The Time From Now To Tomorrow At Midnight Will Get %20 Off Shipping!

Snuggle on the couch, drinking hot cocoa, and smell the crispy autumn and cozy winter candles burning sweetly, and I guarantee satisfaction. Shoot over to How To Order, fill out the form, and send it to yours truly.

I hope you’ve all been having an awesome 2021!


Just a note: I took this photo from our backyard

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We’re deleting a scent

Hello Everyone!

I hope you’ve all been having an awesome Autumn!

This post is to let you all know that we are deleting the scent of Freshly Mown Grass from our scent collection. Just a heads up!

Thank you all for your support!