Scent Collection

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Year Round Scents

Winter / Autumn Scents

Year Round Scents

BlackBerry Sage

A refreshing scent of sage and a touch of blackberry offers a sweet aroma!

Coastal Dreams

A salty and refreshing clean scent of the sea side.

LemonGrass Sage

The lovely fragrance of freshly cut lemongrass hinted with sage and full of flavor.

Raspberry Lemonade

A perfect combination of tangy lemon and fresh raspberry constructs a thrilling summer scent!


Be transported to a cozy summer night. Imagine sitting in front of a crackling campfire that’s letting off an inspiring fragrance…


Tart, juicy citrus at it’s prime, this sweet candle gives off a deliciously cheery fragrance


That sweet icy-cold aroma of bright red watermelon flesh all wrapped up in a candle!


This classic drink has a fantastic fragrance even if you haven’t noticed! Yeah, that fizzle is just the thing…


A refreshing scent of fragrant lilac blossoms still wet with early-morning spring dew


A clean summer breeze tossing freshly cleaned sheets on the clothesline

Winter & Autumn Scents

Cuppa Joe

Freshly roasted coffee beans makes for an absolute FRAGRANT candle!!

Holiday Pine

The sharp and woodsy scent of pine is fresh and comforting. And fortunately, you don’t need a Christmas tree in your living room to enjoy it year-round!

Hot Cocoa

A rich hot chocolate, finished with bobbing marshmallows, and a decadent aroma.

Apple Crisp

Tart honey-crisp apple baked into a sweet smelling, piping hot apple crisp. Mmmm… pure delish!

Candy Cane

Notes of sweet peppermint with a hint of vanilla.


Fragrant vanilla beans blended with a hint of creamy buttercream frosting, sweet spun sugar and a dash of aromatic spice.


Sweet and creamy eggnog, with just enough spiced added to it, makes a perfect candle for the holidays. Try one and you will be delighted with its wonderful scent!


Just from the oven, warmed iced cinnamon roll, smothered in a thick cream cheese icing and smelling of brown sugar and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla.

SPICED Cranberry

A bestseller! Our Spiced Cranberry fragrance is a powerful burst of incredibly tart and juicy cranberries blended with a hint of warm spices.

“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it gives light unto all that are in the house.” ~Matthew 5:15

Pumpkin Pie

Harvest pumpkin pie infused with spicy cinnamon and crushed cloves, a dash of smooth vanilla and all in a rich butter crust. Lick your lips and finish a rich slab of pie off with a fine dollop of whipped cream!

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