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The person who buys the 1,000th candle made by Country Cowboy Candles…

I am getting really close to selling my 1000th candle. And any day now that candle will be purchased, so I have decided to give a prize to the person who buys it.

I am now officially announcing a CONTEST!

To the person that purchases my 1000th candle I will send a free small candle every month for the next twelve months.


What:  I will send the winner a small(8 oz.) candle in the scent of the winner’s monthly choice.

When: The winner will receive a candle within the first five days of each month, for twelve months, starting this October and ending next September.

Where: I will ship your candles to you, so there won’t be any hassles.


With each order I receive, the number ever draws nearer to 1,000, so place your order now. Who knows? You may be the winner…

When the 1000th candle is sold I will announce the winner in another blogpost.


P.S. Lord willing I will still be running this business in twelve months, but if I happen to close it down before that time, I will send the winner of the contest the remaining candles before I do.



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